A Pale Tour Named Death

Friday, December 14
Wang Theatre


About the Show

Ghost will take the Boch Center Wang Theatre stage Friday, December 14.

Costumes are permitted at this event, however, final decision on admittance is at the sole discretion of Wang Theatre security. The following is not necessarily a complete list; anything that is deemed to be in conflict with the safety and enjoyment of others attending the show may be considered cause to deny admittance to the venue. Please exercise your best judgement.

• No costumes with any weapons or props will be allowed in or checked. You may not bring firearms of any kind including air guns or cap guns, as well as any replica weapon (i.e., facsimiles or realistic versions of real-world weapons).
• You may not use smoke effects, fire, explosives, or any other environmental hazard in any capacity. This includes liquids, gel, or other substances which could cause a mess.
• No masks, hats or headgear will be allowed.
• Your attire must not be a hindrance to those around you. You must be able to fit in your seat and not affect the people on either side of you or behind you.
• Your costume must remain on you and not be taken off once in the theatre. No accommodations will be made to allow for the storage of your costume – there is no coat/costume check-in.
• Armor cannot pose a threat to others by way of sharpened metal edges, spikes, or bladed surfaces.
• You must have unobstructed vision at all times (i.e., must not need to remove a piece of your costume in order to see). Additionally, you must be able to easily maneuver your costume over stairs or ramps unassisted.



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Wang Theatre

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Wang Theatre has housed the performing arts since opening in 1925, developing from a movie “cathedral” and home to vaudeville musicals and big bands, to today’s role as an impressive venue for world-class theatre, music, Broadway, and dance.

Wang Theatre
  • 270 Tremont Street
    Boston, MA 02116
  • Capacity 3500