The Milk Carton Kids

The Milk Carton Kids

April 29 & May 13, 2021
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About the Show

Part I
Join us for a unique and very special set spanning 2011-2014, with songs from Retrospect, Prologue, and The Ash & Clay. Now, it’s entirely possible we’ll feel compelled to violate the premise here and include one or two songs from other albums. Just chill out about it. It’ll be more or less on theme.

Part II
The Milk Carton Kids Live at The Troubadour II: Join us for another unique and even more special set spanning our albums from 2015-2019, with songs from Monterey, ATTTIDAATTTIDD, and The Only Ones. Again, don’t hold us too strictly to this. We just needed something to differentiate the shows so you’d buy tickets to both of them. Which one will be better? If you only come to one, you’ll never know…

Listen to the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame's official podcast, Hallways, featuring The Milk Carton Kids.

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