Grade 10, Boston Arts Academy

AlexisAlexis is 16 years old and lives in Brighton. She is currently in the 10th grade at Boston Arts Academy. Alexis is involved in school as student ambassador; she gives tours and helps with events at school. Alexis also started a charity in 2007 called a-basket-for-a-vet where she gives gift baskets to hospitalized vets at the VA Hospital during the Christmas season. She raises money all year. Alexis would like to strengthen acceptance and understanding in her community. She believes even though most people acknowledge what the problems in society are, they do not try to understand them or act against them. An artist that inspires Alexis is Lin-Manuel Miranda because he encourages her to embrace her love for writing which she has always loved, as well as being on stage. He has showed her that it is entirely possible to do both.
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