Youth Arts For Social Change Conference


The #LeadNotFollow Youth Arts for Social Change Conference (YASCC) is a FREE annual gathering of young people inspired to create social change through the arts. The YASCC Youth Committee plans, executes, and hosts this youth-focused event, with guidance from the Education team, aimed to share best practices and create a city-wide community of young people who want to make a positive impact on their communities through the arts. Participants learn from youth groups from around the city presenting their own best practices, meet other young people who do similar work, and discover new organizations and library resources promoting social change and the arts.

YASCC has featured workshops, presentations, and performances from The Theater Offensive, The Urbano Project, Franklin Park Art Grove, Zumix, West End House Boys & Girls Club, Lawrence CommunityWorks: Movement City, Museum of African-American History, YouthBuild Boston, and many more. YASCC send outs a Request for Proposals to seek submissions for the Conference. If you or your organization would like to be sent the RFP when it is available, please email

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