Guyclaude Lacossade


2016 Junior Assistant

Guyclaude Lacossade (Guy) has been working for and with the Boch Center for over three years as a Teen Leader. Being a seasoned member, he has implemented many of the skills gained from the program to his daily life at school, home, and other environments. He is currently a transfer student at MassBay and aims to obtain a degree in the medical field, and later enter graduate school to obtain a Masters in Expressive Therapy and Counseling.

Guy has been a part of the arts as a singer since he was a young boy, and he currently purses a career in music as a singer-songwriter. He’s performed in a plethora of events, through the Boch Center and throughout the state and has appeared on TV for “Community Audition: Star of the Day.” He is self-taught in the guitar and a lot of piano. He hopes to inspire artistic growth in his community through his successes as a singer-songwriter.

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