Jaronzie Harris

Jaronzie HarrisResident Teaching Artist 

Jaronzie has worked for the past seven years in the Cambridge youth community teaching and developing new works of theatre with the staff at Community Art Center. Her activism began with the education of youth in her classroom and in 2013 led to the production of an original spring play called: A Hip Hop Story, which explored the legacy of hip hop and its impact on mitigating violence in street culture. Since 2013, Jaronzie has used theatre as a pedagogical tool to explore issues and topics that reflect the cultural interests of the Cambridge youth community. Her teaching artistry is grounded in social justice theory and practice and through extensive collaborative efforts has produced five original works of theatre including, Rebel (2014), a play about the Haitian Revolution; The Way (2015), linking gentrification in Cambridge to neo-colonial trends; Sankofa (2016), a history of Africans in America, and most recently in 2018, Book of Shadows, a work that revisits issues of gentrification and displacement of residents and businesses in the Port Neighborhood of Cambridge. Jaronzie received her B.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College.

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