Amara is 15 years old from East Boston. She is in the 10th grade and involved in the arts in and out of school. Her accomplishments include learning multiple instruments and performing in public, as she is not afraid to try new things and go outside her comfort zone. She is most influenced by her parents and in the future, she really hopes to become something that makes her truly happy. 


Amy is 17 years old from Dorchester. She is involved in Student Government, National Honor Society, and Youth Calling at her school. If she could strengthen something in her school would be the mental health resources and after school opportunities; everyone deserves a safe space regardless of age! Five years from now she hopes to be pursuing a career in psychology and forensic chemistry, as well as performing and traveling the country and the world.


BJam is 16 from Roxbury. BJam is unique because he thinks outside the box and likes to apply his talents, like rapping and dancing, to problem solve. He hopes to be successful in the future and is constantly inspired by his family and other young people.


Farhiya is 17 years old and from Charlestown. She is involved in the Black Student Union at school, of which she is the cofounder, and hopes to strengthen representation in our communities and in leadership roles so that all voices are heard. Her role model is Issa Rae since she paved the way and brought representation of Black girls on TV through her show, her book, and movies. Farhiya is proud to have learned how to be unapologetically herself and hopes to pursue her art further in the future.


Karen is 17 years old and from Dorchester. She is involved in the school newspaper and science magazine, the Junior Classical League, Gospel Choir, National Honor Society, and orchestra—she plays cello! Karen also volunteers at the Boston Public Library in her free time. She describes herself as unique because she loves the Classics—Latin, Greek and more—along with all kinds of art, ranging from literary to graphic to performing and so on. Karen hopes to become a published author in the future!


Le’Nijah is 15 years old and from Dorchester. She is in 10th grade and involved in Cheer, making it all the way to Regionals! Le’Nijah is most proud of being creative, open, understanding, and kind. She is constantly growing, evolving, and being different every day. She is deeply influenced by her sisters to be her best self and her parents by pushing her to do what she wants. 


Maeve is 16 years old and from South Boston. She is in the 10th grade and is most proud to be involved in a Harvard Medical Program. Mave is inspired by Quinta Brunson and hopes to become a successful screenwriter in the future.


Naomih is 17 years old and from Roxbury. She is in the 11th grade and is part of Film Club at school. Naomih also teaches young children on the weekends. She is most proud of her newfound sense of self-love and confidence. She believes, “If everyone loved themselves and believed in themselves like they should there wouldn't be things like negative feelings.” If there was something she could strengthen, it would be education around the world because it creates the type of future we can have. Naomih describes herself as unique because she is always focusing on the positive and keeping a happy spirit.


Tatiana is 16 years old and from Mattapan. Tatiana’s personal accomplishments include highest academic honors, participation in social advocacy, and balancing a school-work life. She describes herself as unafraid to express herself and able to set aside her own beliefs to listen to and understand others’ perspective on a personal level. Her chemistry teacher has influenced her plans for the future, and she hopes to study forensic science in college. 


Wyatt is 17 years old and from Roxbury. He is involved in Cheer, Track, National Honor Society, and Student Council as Class President. Wyatt is most proud of his creativity and growth to be his authentic self. His accomplishments include becoming a songwriter and young artist, and he hopes to be a famous singer in the future. 


Zada is 16 years old and from Dorchester. She is most proud of her creativity choreographing her dance team and having a leadership role this year. One of her accomplishments include a project on Institutional Racism and the evolution of policies and laws from the Reconstruction era to now. Zada is mostly influenced by her own experiences, friends, family, and her artist father who inspires her every day.