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Digital Transformation Officer


The Boston-based Boch Center for the Performing Arts, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit performing arts institutions, is seeking a Digital Transformation Officer to lead the strategic development and execution of a technical transformation plan. 

The right individual will be a pioneering thinker, a disrupter, an influencer, an entrepreneur - and a credible leader.  The DTO will report directly to the CEO of the organization, working closely to establish outcomes that can deliver decades of results.

At the cornerstone of the opportunity will be the transformation of the Boch Center’s format to reflect a new era of entertainment.  This would include activation of live streaming and recording infrastructure, utilizing digital tools to enhance the customer experience, and adapting the organization’s technical infrastructure to attract and engage technically-forward productions.



  • Setting and Implementing the Technical Transformation Strategy: Develop a clearly-defined and compelling technical transformation strategy for the company’s future and ensure that all initiatives are fully integrated into the strategic-planning process for leadership commitment, resource allocation and execution
  • Serving as a Cross-Functional Change Agent: the DTO must be the company’s central leader and integrator in the technical transformation process, working in tandem with the CEO to institute and accelerate technical innovation for the Boch’s historical properties and arts programs, while serving as an intermediary between all other executives and functions in the rollout of digital initiatives and capabilities.
  • Driving Technical Innovation: work with teams across the business to generate innovative digital solutions for products, services, processes, customer experiences, marketing channels, and business models. The CDO should own and centrally monitor the digital innovation project portfolio, while deployment of the individual projects may rest with other executives and teams
  • Measuring ROI on Technical Projects: technical innovation and transformation initiatives should create value by, for example, improving customer engagement and loyalty, driving new revenues, or achieving new efficiencies. Since these results are measurable, the DTO should monitor and report on the ROI outcomes of digital projects and investments – linked to enterprise KPIs – with the goal of demonstrating the positive impact from these initiatives
  • Expanding the Technical Innovation Ecosystem: Build, manage and continue to grow an internal and external technical innovation ecosystem, tapping into competencies across and beyond the organization (in an external partner network) to apply digital technologies to the business 


  • The DTO will have a proven track record of successfully creating and implementing technologies; expertise related to video and streaming solutions for live and recorded performances will be critical.  Experience within the entertainment industry recommended.  
  • Relevant technical knowledge or experience may include video and audio solution development, AR/VR, sensors/beacons, streaming content, CMS, and cloud technology implementations.  
  • The DTO should have strong project management abilities in order to oversee project teams and strong communication skills to interact with team members, executive management, partners and customers.  
  • The DTO will have the analytical skills required to develop effective strategies, determine project risks, and plan product development, and will require superb interpersonal skills, experience leading an innovative team and have a passion for forward thinking technical transformation.


Please send:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume 

Please send a cover letter and resume to Joe Spaulding, President & CEO at as soon as possible. The Boch Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks diversity in its workforce.

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