All inquiries can be directed to


  • Interim Co-CEO
    John Perkins
  • Interim Co-CEO
    Michael Szczepkowski
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President, CEO & Chairman
    Anne Taylor


  • Director of Special Projects & Theatre Historian
    Scott Towers
  • FARHOF Operations Coordinator
    Marcus Huber
  • Tours Assistant
    Vicenta Munoz


  • Controller
    Lisa Muise
  • Staff Accountant & Payroll Supervisor
    Letetia Jacks
  • Payroll & Benefits Administrator
    Wendi Manduchi
  • Mgr/Budgeting & Financial Reporting
    Xena Gorfinkle
  • Senior Staff Accountant
    Anne K. Heffernan
  • Senior Staff Accountant
    Gail Burton-Small
  • Accounts Payable Accountant
    Kathy Warren


  • Vice President & Senior Director of Education
    Corey Evans
  • Associate Director of Education
    Javiera Lagunas-Álvarez
  • Outreach Programs Manager
    Jasmine Garcia
  • School Programs Manager
    Brenden McHenry
  • Community Relations and Education Associate
    Ché Madyun
  • Education Associate
    Catherine Giorgetti


  • Chief Advancement Officer, Development & Institutional Marketing
    Sue Pekock
  • Sr. Associate Director of Development
    Rebecca Margolis


  • Director of Digital and Brand Marketing
    Matthew Pacific
  • Director of Event Marketing
    Jamia Gaffney
  • Marketing Manager
    Meraris Diaz
  • Graphic Designer
    Paige Besse
  • Marketing Associate
    Denise Arellano

Theatre Services

  • Vice President and Managing Director of Booking and Event Marketing
    Brian Gale
  • Executive Assistant to the Vice President & General Manager
    Anastasia Zay
  • Director of Theater Operations & Security
    Eric Neill
  • Director of Sales & Corporate Development
    Joe Donlavey
  • Group Sales Manager
    Willow Jayne Anderson
  • Group Sales Associate
    Layne Alexandra
  • Function Sales Manager
    Maria Nardella
  • Production Manager
    Grecia Hernandez
  • Supervisor of Custodial & Housekeeping Services
    Denison StLuce
  • Facilities Staff
    Michael Pottie
  • Facilities Staff
    Donald Pound
  • Food and Beverage Manager - Wang & Shubert Theatres
    George Kierstead
  • Box Office General Treasurer
    John Worden

Wang Theatre

  • Head Carpenter
    Russell Jones
  • House Flyman
    Bobby Jones, Jr.
  • Assistant Head Carpenter
    Bobby Jones, Sr.
  • Head Electrician
    Timothy Shea
  • Assistant Head Electrician/House Soundman
    James Caron
  • Assistant Head Electrician
    Justin Colantuoni
  • Head Properties
    Michael Pottie
  • Assistant Head Properties
    Joshua Jones
  • Chief Usher
    Robin Jones

Shubert Theatre

  • Master Carpenter
    Michael Picot
  • House Flyman
    Bryan Salmon
  • Head Electrician
    Justin Brady
  • House Soundman
    Kevin Marshall
  • Master Properties
    Karen Jean O'Leary
  • Chief Usher
    Elizabeth Guptill