By Makeda Samuels

During this week at City Spotlights we have been preparing for and completed the first couple of days of flash mob! So far, the weather has been in our favor and the teens are doing great at giving their full energy. Not just during the dancing but in promoting the showcase and talking to others about what they do. I have come to appreciate the dedicated effort, even when some are nervous to go up and talk to people, and perseverance it takes to share one’s art with the world.

I have had the pleasure of supporting a small group of girls to walk around Copley to talk to bystanders when a little nudge of support was needed. Even when most were tourists, I was able to reaffirm that it is good practice to believe in your enough that the world has to hear about it. I believe this encouragement kept them pushing against their comfort zone and eventually taking matters into their own hands. I was impressed that as the day went on more and more people got comfortable and would support each other in teams. Dancing may not be everyone’s favorite form of performance but whether it was through verbal language or body language, everybody communicated the mission of advocacy through the performing arts and most of all had fun doing it!