By Che Madyun

This past week, week 4, the broader community were able to witness City Spotlights Teen Leaders lighting sparks and advocating from their hearts. On Tuesday, they presented a virtual community workshop via Zoom, where they showed and taught us, through art forms and discussion, different ways to advocate. We also got a sneak peak of their upcoming performance, “One Spark Starts a Fire: Advocating from the Heart” on August 12th

Former City Spotlights Teen Leader Alexis Maxwell dropped by Thursday’s advocacy session and presented a workshop about MassCreative’s voting initiative. She emphasized the importance of voting and provided information about registering to vote and pre-registering to vote for teens who are 16 and 17. The teen leaders were very excited to see and learn from Alexis. How moving it is for me to see how one alumni member is continuing to advocate beyond our program.

Also, during advocacy sessions, each leader created personal advocacy declarations for social causes they plan to advocate for once this program is over. These declarations include action ideas for how they will implement advocacy action for their chosen social cause. Kudos to these young advocacy warriors.

In the final few weeks of this program, I look forward to seeing what the City Spotlights Teen Leaders have in store for us.