Boot Camp

By Serge Ganthier: Music Teaching Artist Assistant


During our first full official week of City Spotlight 2023, the teen leaders were still in the process of learning to get to know each other more! They started leading community building on their own, having games like “Mafia” and “Fishy Fishy” being popular within this group! 


Also, during our first week, the Teen Leaders came together and chose Stereotypes as this year’s theme! They are focusing on four different types of stereotypes; internalized, institutionalized, interpersonal, and ideologically. 


Music Specialty had a big week for them as well. They were responsible for creating and teaching the group song to the other Teen Leaders by the end of the week. Marcelo and I had the students break up in two groups and create songs based off whatever they wanted to, just so they can get the experience in songwriting, then narrowed it down to focus on the theme, stereotypes. Two songs were created, and as a group we chose “We Have The Power” as the group song to present to the Statehouse the next week! So proud of the Teen Leaders, can’t wait to see what they bring in for the rest of the week!