Flashmob Tour

By Sarai Warsoff: Flashmob Teaching Artist


Getting to be the Flashmob choreographer for another year was awesome to not only create a fun and interactive flashmob with the two dance teaching assistants, but to rediscover flashmob in its entirety with the teens. The teen leaders this year entered flashmob week excited to dance, and ready for a challenge. One of the magical aspects of flashmob is the entire community of City Spotlights supporting one another to use dance to not only share a positive message, but to just have FUN! I was so excited to get to work with Tayla and Jayonna to create a truly new and wildly fun flashmob using not one, not two, but FOUR songs this year! We got to mash up different dance and music styles, eras, and vibes which made for a super unique and fun performance we got to share. As always, it is so fun to watch flashmob week work its magic and help the shy teens come out of their shell and other teens step up as true leaders in the community. Even though it was incredibly hot, sticky, and sweaty, watching the teens bond together through the unspoken language of dance with each other, the Boston Globe photographer, and the many onlookers who smiled and joined in on the fun made the dehydration worth it.