By Serge Ganthier

This week has been filled with ups for the teen leaders and so much progress has been shown. This week, the Teen Leaders broke up in their workshop groups (Good Noodles, Lit Biscuits, CyberChasers, and Gumbo) and started working on creating content to take out to the community to promote this year’s theme “#Media is Power”. They have been working in their specialty groups creating and finalizing dances, songs and scenes that promote this idea, while all together finding activities and games that engage the youth on how media is powerful.

Also this week, a member of the Boston City Council Michelle Wu stopped by the Boch Center for a power lunch! She was so engaging and so impactful to the teen leaders. We all learned so much from her and we appreciate her stopping by and telling her story. Also, we appreciated Wu’s amazing piano skills and the sing off we had to the songs of John Legend.

Finally, my favorite part. This past Thursday was Flashmob day! The teen leaders put in hard work in the past five days to perfect the newly created dance moves by Michelle Garcia and took them out to the public to promote the final showcase. This year’s flashmob is to a mix of “This is America” by Childish Gambino and “Be Nice” by the Black Eyed Peas. We went from Copley Square, to the Children’s Museum, to Faneuil Hall, to the Boston Commons, Chinatown to all over Boston; dancing around having fun and catching the eyes of pedestrians around the area. It's hard to miss a group of teens wearing pink shirts jumping around and living their best lives.