By Natalya Brown

The teen leaders have just finished Boot Camp. In that time they’ve decided on a theme, created original pieces in each of their specialties, and started forming their State House presentation. On Monday, they started off with discussing the house keeping aspects of the program. They addressed the safety guidelines and created a community contract that included the expectations they wanted their entire community to uphold. They also discussed the different aspects of the program that they would be participating in throughout the summer. On Tuesday, they discussed the leadership aspects of the program and discussed the culture of City Spotlights. On Wednesday, they started to discuss possible issues they wanted to address. At the end they declared their theme to be #MediaisPower which will address the ways that social media affects us in both positive and negative ways.


On Thursday, they began preparing for their State House presentation which will allow them to go to the State House to encourage local legislators to continue to fund the Mass Cultural Council. On Friday they rehearsed their presentation and original group song. We’ve done so much in just one week and I’ve already witnessed the growth of all 63 teen leaders. I’m glad to say that this marks week one, but this is only the beginning. I'm very excited to see what these young artists, advocates, and adventurers learn more about themselves along these next 5 weeks.