By Michelle Garcia

After three years of running the flash mob at City Spotlights--it only gets more interesting each year. Truly my favorite part about each summer is getting to experience the different energies and personalities of all of the teens that change from year to year. This year, the dynamic was quite electric. I always give the teens a chance to tell me about what they would like their role to be within the flashmob (ex: quite challenging and big, medium and hard, small and a bit smoother). This year, the group of teens that told me that they wanted to be in the most challenging group DOUBLED last years' numbers. They were completely thrilled from the first day starting with these placements, and the energy carried them through!

I also loved getting to see their choreography, as I always give them a chance to show me some of their work, and that way they have a small opportunity to take a walk in my shoes and experience the behind the scenes of a dance director. They really ran with this and even included a few intricate formations, which I was not expecting. On top of this exercise--I had a few teens come up to me to propose some ideas about how a few formations or ideas behind the choreography of the flashmob could run! This all goes to show just how invested they were in this year's piece.

Lastly, I saw non-dancers having what can only be described as a wonderful time on the day of the flashmob. I believe that is one of the most rewarding feelings--getting the teens to push their comfort zone so heavily and have a blast while doing it, even if it means having to work through some frustrating moments along the way. The beauty of City Spotlights! It was another wonderful flashmob summer.